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Elgin High School Class of 62

50th Reunion

August 24-26, 2012

Hickory Stick

Elgin, IL


When Mike Kenyon booked the banquet room over a year ago, he found a room to hold 150 people. This was based on that fact that at prior reunions we never had more than 150 people. Guess what? We broke the record with 151 classmates and 81 guests for a total of 232. This resulted in crowded conditions with some people sitting on the balcony and others sitting in what we called the “naughty room”.  You may want to know that the committee members ate in the “naughty room”. Thanks to all those who attended for making this such a special event.

Message from Mike Kenyon

I don't want to speak out of turn but I believe all were excited at the turnout, the spirit and the talents of our classmates

 From the beginning several warned of the possibility of a large turnout, they were right. There were other possibilities in town like the Elgin Rec Center, terrible parking. The boat, lots of space and a little pricey. The Holiday Inn, here again pricey. The Del Web ballroom costs more is beautiful but many more miles to drive.

From my experiences we could not have found a better banquet manager and staff to work with. They all wanted to make it work and tried their best.

There should be changes in the 55th i.e. no school visit, golf on Friday.

Our classmates appreciated the event and work all put in.


Blessing by Lanny Morrison

Creator of all things, We thank you for the bounty we are about to eat.
O Guardian of life and liberty, may our nation and our world always merit Your protection.
Teach us to give thanks for what we have by sharing it with those who are in need.
Keep our eyes open to the wonders of creation, and alert to the care of the earth.
May we never be lazy in the work of peace; may we honor those who have died in the defense of our ideals.
Grant our leaders wisdom and forbearance.
May they govern with justice and compassion.
Help us all appreciate one another, and to respect the many ways we may serve You.
We remember with love and affection those classmates who are no longer with us.
We bless their memories for the many ways they enriched our lives.
Eternal One, Bless those in need of healing with the renewal of body, the renewal of spirit, and let us, amen.

Reunion Video

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Danny and the Seniors

During the many band rehearsals, the band wondered how we would be received. Our thoughts were that everyone would want to converse with each other and not pay much attention to a band blaring in their ear. Much to our amazement and enjoyment, the crowd was very attentive and appeared to “really get into it”. People were sitting and listening, dancing and applauding. That encouraged the band to perform even better than during our many rehearsals.

Dave Johnston and Donna Rogers, along with several others, did the twist. Kirk Kirkland introduced the band members with flattering and humorous comments.  Jim Love introduced the song Rumble. Joan Mason introduced the special song, That was Then and This is Now, written for the class by Dan Bradley and sang by Penny.

Penny and Pam, along with several other cheerleaders, wore their cheerleader sweaters and with their pom poms, lead the crowd in a Maroon cheer. Danny even donned his E-jacket.  Jack Sabo advised everyone that Mike Kenyon invented the limbo. (Talk to Jack for more info.)


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Lyrics to That Was Then and This is Now

That Was Then and This Is Now (EHS Reunion Song)
Words & Music by Dan Bradley (© 2012 Dan Bradley) - As Performed by Penny Vanderford

Do you remember when life was like a dance
We strolled along with firends and flirted with romance
Every dream we dared to dream would come to pass somehow
That was then and this is now

Maroon and cream dreams became a part of me
We waved the colors and cheered the victory
We kept the spirit in our hearts and the motto like a vow
That was then and this is now

Mem'ries bound together like the pages in a book
Now and then we open them and take another look

Here's to our classmates, come raise your glass with me
May your past and present live in harmony and to many more reunions if the fates allow
And classmates gone before us hear our song somehow
That was then and this is now

That was then and this is now

Prom & Candid Shots

A big thanks to Mike Peters son Kris who volunteered to take the prom and candid shots. He was very busy the entire night. These photos are uploaded to a special Google site where you can upload your photos and download the reunion photos. If you attended the reunion, you should have received a small card with the information required to access the Google site. You can upload/download pictures whenever you are ready.

Click here for a few photos from the reunion.

Group Photo

We had a professional photographer take the group shot. These were available at the banquet for $20. If you want one call Tom Killoran at 708-361-0025.

Here is a list to match the photo to the name. Listed by row, left to right, front to back

Row 1 Steve Mondy, Archie Richoz, Gay Whitcomb, Jim Love, Kirk Kirkland, John Willis, Roger Petersen, James  Funk, Bernie Paul, Leroy Meyers

Row 2 Dick Rayner, Jerry Deverell, Joan Deverell, Shari Adams, Judy Hawthorne, Bonnie Barrett, Barb Royer, Jan Schneider, Joyce Bade, Susie Lloyd, Ginger Gunnell, Donna Owen, Pam Nesler, Cathy Hagel, Ann Flickinger, Mike Turner

Row 3 Marilyn Sorn, Diane Dewanz, Jan Rohr, Tati, Sandra Clute, Linda Shaw, Joan Mason, Karen Gerber, Sammie Anderson, Carol Hill, Pam & Penny Vanderford, Pam Butler, Linda Graening, Sandy Hart, Marilyn Siemon

Row 4 Lance Hansen, Larry Studt, John Prickett, Cheryl Daily, Diane Goll, Betty Rathburn, Darlene Wallace, Karen Vogt, Joanne Labriola, Marcia Fohrman, Sue Lange, Carolyn Gerber, Carol Watts, Lanell Johnson, Rosie Austin, Judy Paesler, Noonie Burt, Bev Jensen, Joanne Sterricker

Row 5 Gale Nitz, Hank Stolle, Jim Brown, Carol Petersen, Joan Gavelek, Dennis Stene, Richard Bognar, Blanche Condill, Mary Moser, Cheryle Dodge, Delma Baker, Linda Dettman, Karen Koch, Judy Adams, Diane Burdsall, Jerry Conn, Carol Walsh, Lois Bradley, Jean Brown, Pat Lathrop, Ruth Zimmerman, Leroy Fitzsimmons, Bruce Lenart, Suzi Braun

Row 6 Dave Butz, Dick Lauder, Bob Brackett, Joel Smith, Dave Stephens, Jean Graff, Jeanne Lowman, Barbara Broederdorf, Willy Young, Joyce DeFraties, Karen Kane, Nancy Logan, Carol Wilkening, Carolyn Johnson, Abby Baldwin, Ruth Reimer, Susan Bien, Don O’Brian, Wayne Eadler, Roger Christ, Mike Kenyon

Row 7 Larry Funk, Jim Bacak, Joy Detherow, Donna Rogers, Lanny Morrison, Lynn Rhoades, Dare Carver, Dennis Kelley, Jack Sabo, Roger Mirs, Marilyn Nelson, Paula Raue, Tom Puklin, Keith Patterson, Tim Skoning

Row 8 Howard Tucker, Arland Dieckhoff, Jim Walker, Clayton Getzelman, Ron Creath, Bill Howerton, Jack Aley, Leon Raap, George Klein, Dick Lieberman, Glenn Olofson, Dan Bradley

Row 9 Dave Johnson, Pete Hennessey, Stan Kellenberger, Lenny Meyers, Dean Willis, Bryan Koon, Mike Peters, Don Haacker, Doug Tobin, Merle Wood, Bob Olson, Al Stewart, Dick Wicknick

Reunion Book

Our printer made a mistake when printing the book. He duplicated one page twice, the page starting with Douglas Morley, and left out the correct page. The missing page contains Marriann Miller, Merrikay Miller, Roger Mirs, Sandra Moffatt, Stephan Mondy, Marlene Morey and Barbara Morley. Our apologies to these classmates.

There is also a correction page that was handed out at the reunion.

View Missing Page

View Correction Page

Hand Outs
Dick Rayner was very gracious in providing maroon visor hats for everyone. The class also received jumbo size pill boxes with EHS 50th Reunion 62 printed on the boxes. (Hey, we all need these, right?)

Here are a few of the photos posted on class Google site. To view more photos, click here.
Note: If you are using a gmail account, you must first sign off your gmail account and login with the ElginHS62 gmail account.

If you need info on how to access photos, send an email to Roger Petersen.
Prom Shots
Candid Shots
Sunset Party
Danny and the Seniors