70th Birthday Party

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Elgin High School Class of 62

70th Birthday Party

August 23, 2014

Hickory Stick

Elgin, IL

I believe the birthday party was a good time for all those attending. I saw many smiles, laughing and conversations going on. There were 57 classmates and 26 guests for a total of 83. Even the food was good. (At least I liked it).

Jim Bacak

Diane Budsall and Jerry Conn

Tony and Gay Whitcomb Hannell

Wayne Wascher and Carolyn Gerber Bacak

Joe and Diane Klein Castelli, Blanche Condill and Jack Freund

Leonard and Pam Hartman

Dave Stephens, Mindy and Dean Willis

John and Ruth Willis, Karen and LeRoy Fitzsimmons

Mike and Carol Kenyon

Denise McCathy and Larrk Funk, Julie and Bruce Lenart

Marlo and Bill McGhie

Robin and Mike Crawford

Mike Peters

Anne and Pete Hennessey

Tom Puklin and Don O'Brien

Leon and Sharon Raap

Dick Rayner abd Carol Walsh Humbracht

Donna Rogers Green and Barb Royer Wascher

Jack and Bev Jensen Sabo

Tom Skoning and Karol Helgeson

Joel and Pat Smith, Cherly and Len Meyers, Roy Wilkens

Rith Zimmerman Tomasek

Carol Watts and Doug Tobin

Donald and Sue Kaccker, Carol and Dennis Stene, Janice Scheider, Nancy Sparks Burney

Diane Dewanz Schwarzkopf, Pam Vendorford Prickett, Penny Vandferford Mensik, Sandra Clute, Bonnie Barrett Nevins